Candace has always had a talent for creating inviting and unique spaces. She took a chance on her passion when she moved from Michigan to Chicago to pursue her love for decorating and home staging. She later went on to work for one of the top staging & design firms in San Francisco. While Candace loved San Francisco, she knew that Detroit was the city that she wanted to build a life in and leave her mark. There is nothing that excites her more than seeing space reach it’s full potential.

Candace has an innate ability to highlight the personality of each space. She believes that it is more than just the aesthetic, but rather the feeling you get when connecting with a home you love. She is passionate about creating the visual experience needed for buyers to fall in love with a property. Her ability to mix timeless pieces with modern elements gives her the edge to create distinctive spaces that make a statement. 

Candace is originally from Lansing and now residing in the Motor City! She enjoys good food, good company, and good design.